Freelance with Time etc

Discover why freelancing with Time etc is a great choice

If you're a full time freelancer or if you're just looking to earn extra money from your skills, freelancing with Time etc really makes sense.

Whatever your skill-set, freelancing through Time etc can deliver regular ongoing work - as much or as little as you are happy to do.

Unlike other marketplaces there is no overseas competition and no bidding to secure jobs. Instead there is a guaranteed, fixed, hourly rate matched to your skills.

The Guardian newspaper recently wrote about freelancing with us - click here to read the article.

We only accept the very best freelancers - but if you're accepted you'll enjoy these benefits:

  • Guaranteed, fixed hourly pay rates
  • No bidding or writing endless proposals
  • No overseas competition
  • Regular ongoing work from clients you know and trust
When you apply, here's what will happen next:
  • We'll verify your identity, work history and educational background
  • We'll interview you and ask to see examples of your work
  • We'll ask you to take one or more skills tests to evaluate your skill level

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