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Four Very Compelling Reasons To Delegate

Written by Barnaby

8 minute read

“If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.”
– Richard Branson, British entrepreneur

We all know that we need to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others, but to really throw yourself into delegating you need to know exactly why it will benefit you as an entrepreneur.

Here are our top four compelling reasons to delegate your tasks, based on our experience doing more than 1.5 million tasks for entrepreneurs over the last ten years. 


Focus is one of the single most valuable assets to an entrepreneur.  Without focus it isn't possible to achieve goals or targets, complete projects or grow our businesses.

Despite it's importance, many of us struggle to find our focus on a day-to-day basis.  Constant interruptions, unimportant tasks, urgent operational issues, emails and phone calls all deplete our focus and, all too often, the busy day is over without a major accomplishment.

Delegating is the single biggest thing you can do to create a focus friendly zone every day in which you can truly focus on the important tasks that will drive your business and career forwards.


Time doesn't care whether you use it on deleting unimportant emails or securing a deal that will double your business overnight.    It doesn't care whether you use it to read a bed-time story to your kids or spend it in a queue to your ISP to complain about your broadband speed.

In an increasingly time-poor world we're faced with a stark choice - choose what we spend our time on wisely on what to spend our time on our lose it forever.

Our clients, many of which had never delegated before they joined us, have saved an incredible 50 years between them through delegation.  That's 50 years they've been able to spend focusing on achieving goals, doing more important things or spending valuable time with loved ones. 


Your progress as an entrepreneur relies on growing over time. Every time you experience a new challenge you add to your knowledge bank which, in turn, helps you to grow and tackle new challenges in the future.

For most entrepreneurs there comes a time when this learning slows down or stops altogether - and for a large proportion of people it's because of a failure to delegate to others.

If you don't delegate responsibilities to others you end up doing the same things repeatedly and the number of new challenges slows right down, and, so does your learning and ability to tackle new challenges ahead.

By delegating you free up your time to continue pushing boundaries, learning and taking on new challenges - which benefits you now and for many years to come.


Does your business rely on you?   What happens when you're ill?  What would happen if you needed to take time off to look after your family?  Would your business still function?

For many of us entrepreneurs these can be uncomfortable questions - many of us work in a way that makes our income vulnerable, should we be unable to work for an extended period of time. 

Whilst you might not be able to stop your business relying on you being fit and well - you can certainly reduce the impact of being unable to work by delegating the processes that support your business and help to keep the show on the road.  

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