Think you know how much your time is worth?

Think again! Millions of entrepreneurs are currently losing thousands because they don't realise just how valuable their time is.

Use The Lifetime Value Calculator now and find out how much you'll earn over your lifetime, as well as the true cost of your time - we guarantee you'll be shocked by the results.

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Surprised by your results?

Most people are stunned after discovering just how much their time is worth – and they should be! We're all guilty of procrastinating or wasting hours on unimportant tasks or denying we need support, but those decisions have a huge impact on our lifetime earning potential. Keep reading to find out how we calculated your lifetime value.

Your lifetime value could be but you've only got about years left to achieve it.

Every single hour of your life is important. It's a scary thing to acknowledge, but its crucial if you want to achieve the success you dream of. Doing everything yourself doesn't help you or your business, it leaves you exhausted and unmotivated. You can't reach your goals because you can't keep up with your work – you need to stop working harder and start working smarter.

A gentle plug (because we really want you to succeed)

Delegation is critical to success, and a UK-based Virtual Assistant could be an affordable way to get the assistance you need. A Virtual Assistant is just like a full-time Executive Assistant, but at a fraction of the cost. They can do all the tasks that take up your time, like organising your inbox, inputting data, or completing research. By handing these tasks over to a Virtual Assistant, you'll have more time to focus on the bigger picture and realising your lifetime earning potential.

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Here's how we calculated your lifetime value

We take the difference between the profit you'll make this year and what you want to make next year. We then multiply this figure by the number of years remaining until you retire, allowing a modest 6% increase to your income per year. Finally, we optionally add the proceeds of a sale of your business prior to retirement!