GDPR and confidentiality

We take your data seriously, here's how

Confidentiality and our assistants

When you outsource to an assistant, you need to know your data is safe.

That's why We take the protection of your sensitive business data very seriously. We protect your information with a rock-solid, legally drafted, confidentiality agreement. In addition, you are protected by strict confidentiality agreements between Time etc and our assistants.

Should you wish your assistant to sign an additional NDA or other confidentiality or GDPR related agreements you are welcome to do so for peace of mind.

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As well as being fully GDPR compliant ourselves, we've also optimised our service for GDPR compliance, allowing your business to be GDPR compliant when using an assistant through Time etc.

We also offer 'data processing terms' that you can use to further secure the data relationship between you and your assistant.

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General data security

We take the security of your data and our platform very seriously. Some of the measures Active security measures:

  • Firewalls at network and server level
  • Attack detection with automated blocking
  • Encryption of data at rest
  • Encryption of data during transit
  • Data minimisation - all pages modified to display least viable amount of data
  • Intrusion detection monitoring
  • Regular software updates
  • Access to data restricted to only required personnel
  • Access to data password protected
  • Physical security including alarm systems, physical barriers and access control
  • Third party vulnerability scans

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